Derrick Ashong, entrepreneur and founder of Amp.It, interviewed me as part of the Take Back the Mic: World Cup of Hip Hop. In the 4-minute feature, I tell my story, while chatting to Ashong at Gambling House Recording Studio and my old high school, St. George's College.

Five Steez inside Gambling House Recording Studio

Five Steez inside Gambling House Recording Studio

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Want to see me represent Jamaica in the first World Cup of Hip Hop? Well, go to, login with Facebook, listen to some songs & click 'Amp It'!'

Listening to a song gives me 5 points while 'amping' it or my page gives me 10 points. You have until April 9 to 'amp' before the finalists are announced on April 10. You have 5 amps per day, but you may listen to as many songs as you like. So listen and 'amp' as much as you can.

The finalists for each country (Jamaica, Brazil and Colombia) will perform at the competition's finale in Miami this May. Let's get me over there!

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Pay Attention starts 2015 with banging musical fusion

Kingston, Jamaica’s premier Hip Hop party and artiste showcase series, Pay Attention, returns for the New Year on Saturday, January 31 at C&C South Beach, 2 Brompton Road. The event will feature music by resident DJ, Inztinkz, and Deadline Sound; as well as performances by Hip Hop artistes, Five Steez and Gully Ca$h, Dancehall/Reggae artiste, Rseenal, and singer, Jane Macgizmo.

Five Steez is expected to deliver songs from his 2012 album ‘War for Peace’ and his ‘These Kingston Times’ EP, released last October. Additionally, Gully Ca$h, who also released his free mixtape, ‘Trillinayaad’, in October, is slated to perform his newest music.

Rseenal, who is known in underground Dancehall and live Reggae circles, will be performing a special Hip Hop-flavoured set, while Jane MacGizmo will treat listeners to her eclectic dubtronica sound as heard in her singles, ‘Babylon’ and ‘Black Skin’.

“Anyone who has attended Pay Attention before knows that we always bring the best underground talent that Jamaica has to offer and there is an energy that is unparalleled at our event,” says host and organiser, TSD. “As usual, we have that real Hip Hop, which is about dope beats and rhymes, and we mix it up with other genres, which are all a part of the same family, from acts who have that Hip Hop flair.”

Admission to Pay Attention is $1,000 and ladies are two-for-one until showtime at 10:30PM. Gates open at 9PM. Pre-sold tickets are $600 and persons may contact the organisers to purchase them via the event’s social media accounts.

The event’s partners include Hype TV, JAE Magazine, Now Playing JA, Rebel by King, Electro-Tech and Hot 102. Follow @PayAttentionJA on Twitter or visit on Facebook at for more info.

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I will be performing live at I-Revolt on Saturday, December 27! This show will be held at Comfitanya Sports Bar, Restaurant and Lounge, 1 Crieffe Road, Kingston 3. Also featured are Torch, Mortimer McPherson and Dan Giovanni. Showtime is 9PM and admission is free!

Music will be provided by Supa Nova and Sage will be the host. Blak IWA TV will be providing a live stream so be sure to tune in if you cannot make it!

Join the Facebook event here for more info:-

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Pree Jamaica has covered the Jamaican Hip Hop movement since 2010 when they first featured Manifesto Jamaica's ART'ical Exposure, an event at which I performed and also helped in organizing. Most recently, they asked me some interesting questions about my music and my life. Read the interview here -

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There’s an 'I' in 'Five Steez', but even though you see my name on my EP, in no way was it I alone that made it a reality.

I like to pride myself on being an independent artiste. I am my own label. I am even my own manager and executive producer. These are many hats to wear, and it can be tiresome, but I do have help – more than I ever had.

My recording engineer, Stephen Bravo, has been very accommodating, patient and diligent in his work with me. He helped to bring out the best in me as a recording artiste, paid great attention to detail and made the process easier for me to simply focus on being an MC in the booth.

Capish handled the mixing from thousands of miles away and it was easy working with him and getting the final product to sound the way I envisioned.

While hardly involved in the creative process of this latest project, my studio partners deserve their own recognition. Inztinkz, TSD, Bravo, Kid, Massy and I have been managing Gambling House Recording Studio, and without them being on board, I would not have that space available to do these recordings. K. John gave us the green light and we've been running the studio since February of this year.

One of the first things people are likely to encounter from this project, especially online, is its artwork. Lauren Watkis did an excellent job with the ‘War for Peace’ artwork and she was still kind enough to use her talents in creating the visuals for ‘These Kingston Times’.

This website, through which I now communicate with you, is also an essential part of the movement. It was designed by Gynelle Findlay, of Hybrid E-Solutions, who taught me everything I needed to know to continuously update this site.

Also, thanks to Nathan Cowan, the director of ‘Welcome’, who is also the man behind Nomad Carlos’ ‘BP Meets UC’, which is the very first official music video in which I appeared. We have a history working together and hanging out so it made sense to have him direct the first music video for ‘These Kingston Times’.

As for the music itself, I could not have done it without the producers – Bravo, DJ Crooks, Symbo Science, The Patents, Truck Julius, OneMan Beats and Phil Chronics. They made the beats that inspired me and brought out these rhymes. K. John, Kash Kapri, France Nooks and Nomad Carlos all did their thing on ‘The Starting Five', making it a classic. I even prefer all their verses over mine.

Last but not least, give thanks to the universe, which has allowed me to conceive this project, complete it and now, release it. I’m always guided by signs and seemingly random occurrences and I’m satisfied and grateful this journey I embarked upon with this EP turned out this way.

I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

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Independent rapper Five Steez has released his new digital 8-track EP, ‘These Kingston Times’, on Bandcamp, iTunes and other outlets. The project, which captures the modern tale of the Jamaican capital, Kingston, comes after the release of two singles this past summer – ‘Deadly’ and ‘Welcome’ – the latter having its music video launched online in September.

These Kingston Times’ begins with the appropriately titled single, ‘Welcome’, on which Five Steez introduces the uninitiated listener to ‘yard’ over an uptempo head-nodding beat with a Jamaican sample used in the scratch hook. On the title track, ‘These Kingston Times’, he recalls some of the city’s fallen dons – figures legitimized by legal business interests and powerful political connections.

Wild West Indies’ follows and Steez, accompanied by some haunting music, takes aim at not only his country’s weak leadership, but also forces, past and present, that have exploited his nation and the wider Caribbean. The tone changes somewhat on ‘From the Ground Up’ as he rallies the troops with some fiery lyrics supported by a dusty and grimy instrumental.

The Starting Five’, the EP’s fifth track, is the only song with guest appearances, featuring four other rappers from Kingston – K. John, Kash Kapri, France Nooks and Nomad Carlos – all delivering verses one after the other. On ‘Deadly’, Five Steez lets everyone know he’s ready for the stage, over a classic breakbeat mixed with a vintage Reggae flavour and signature Dancehall chant.

The project nears its end with ‘Night Streets’, which features Steez, with a light jazz backdrop, pondering his own life in Kingston and his mission in music. ‘These Kingston Times’ finally closes with ‘Untold Stories 2’, the dramatic sequel to a stellar narrative on the artist’s 2012 debut album, ‘War for Peace’. Steez continues the tale, injecting more suspense and action, while leaving the listener with just as much mystery at the end as he did with the first.

“I wanted to paint my city the way I see it, and in a way I've never heard the story told before in music,” says Five Steez. “Since Hip Hop’s genesis with DJ Kool Herc, there has always been a Jamaican influence and involvement in the genre, but you've never heard about actual life here in ‘yard’, as we affectionately call it. It's a new perspective in Hip Hop, but parallel to that of urban environments worldwide.”

These Kingston Times’ is available for purchase on Bandcamp (, iTunes ( and other digital outlets. Persons may visit the artiste’s website at, which will provide updates.


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Independent artist, Five Steez, has released the new music video for his latest single, 'Welcome', from his upcoming digital EP, 'These Kingston Times'. The video, directed by Nathan Cowan of Caribbean Films in association with Bubbla G, Rocket Media and The Talent Inc, shows Five Steez traversing the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, beginning in Trench Town, the neighbourhood of Reggae icon, Bob Marley, and the father of Hip Hop, DJ Kool Herc.

“Steez and I go way back and it was a pleasure doing a visual like this that matched the lyrics in his song,” says Cowan.

“Trench Town is a significant place because it was the home of so many Reggae legends, including Bob,” says Five Steez. “However, one often forgotten fact is that it was also the community in which Kool Herc lived and learnt the sound system culture, which later helped him in the creation of what we know today as Hip Hop.”

Welcome’ is available for free download only on Bandcamp until the release of the EP on October 14. On the track, produced by OneMan Beats, Five Steez introduces the uninitiated to his city – Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. The song, which begins the EP, features an uptempo head-nodding instrumental and a multi-layered hook with scratches on a Jamaican vocal sample done by the producer.

'These Kingston Times' is said to be the modern tale of the Jamaican capital. “I wanted to paint my city the way I see it, and in a way I've never heard the story told before in music,” says Five Steez. “Since Hip Hop’s genesis with DJ Kool Herc, there has always been a Jamaican influence and involvement in the genre, but you've never heard about actual life here in ‘yard’, as we affectionately call it. It's a new perspective in Hip Hop, but parallel to that of urban environments worldwide.

These Kingston Times’ is currently available for pre-order at

Five Steez is an independent rapper from Kingston, Jamaica who began capturing attention in 2010 with his ‘Momentum’ mixtape series alongside Bronx-based DJ Ready Cee, and later his 2012 debut album, ‘War for Peace’, which received great reviews from various outlets, including iTunes.


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You can now pre-order my upcoming EP, 'These Kingston Times', on Bandcamp. You will immediately receive the two singles -'Deadly' and 'Welcome' - as well as an exclusive titled 'From the Ground Up'. On October 14, the EP's release date, you will receive the complete project.


Last modified on Sunday, 14 September 2014 16:11, which has the largest Facebook fan page in the Caribbean, will premiere the official music video for my single, 'Welcome', on Monday, September 15 at 8PM. Check out their review of 'These Kingston Times'

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