The Council releases its first music video from Nothing Else Matters

The Council, has released its first music video, for the song, Council Arts, from its album, Nothing Else Matters. Directed by Scotty Dreamkiller, shot by Warren Buckle and edited by David ‘Enco’ DaCosta, it shows The Council in an intense cypher, with exciting visual effects complementing it.

Originally released in September 2015, Council Arts was the first track recorded by long-time collaborators Five Steez, The Sickest Drama, Inztinkz and Nomad Carlos under the name, The Council. It also appears as the first song, after the Intro, on the crew’s album, which was made available in September 2017.

On the track, the four MCs trade powerful verses over a hard-hitting boom-bap beat with a rich female vocal sample, chopped by Inztinkz, the group’s producer.

Nothing Else Matters, which also boasts art direction by Scotty Dreamkiller (Jomé Anderson) and Warren Buckle, features neck-snapping drums and majestic instrumentation, matched by superb rapping, articulating an unheard ‘third world’ perspective, but a narrative similar to other cities globally, The album is available on CD and digitally at, and on online outlets such as iTunes, Spotify etc.

The Council is Kingston, Jamaica’s champion team for the Hip Hop culture, consistently releasing music as solo artistes over the past decade and staging events. The collective has collaborated musically for many years, culminating in the production of Kingston's premier Hip Hop event, Pay Attention, from 2012 - 2015, and most recently, its late 2017 album, Nothing Else Matters.

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New showcase The Apollo Series combines music, poetry

Music, poetry and other forms of art will be the highlight of a new event – The Apollo Series – set to take place at The Haven, 12 Hillcrest Avenue on Saturday, January 27. The showcase will feature three main performers as well as an open stage for musicians, poets, dancers and comedians.

The first staging of The Apollo Series will be headlined by poet Simon the Writer, local Hip Hop collective The Council and Reggae artiste Koro Fyah.

Simon the Writer, also the host and organiser, says, “Our show will have what I call ‘rotating sets’, where our featured acts will deliver a performance and then return to the stage later to deliver another.” In between the headliners’ sets, the stage will be open for a short period to willing performers in the audience. “There are not many places or events where upcoming talent can hone their skills and be heard,” says Simon. “We see The Apollo Series as being the perfect platform. We will also give you a variety of quality acts in a different format.”

Simon the Writer is a published poet who has won several Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) awards. He will be followed by Five Steez, Inztinkz and The Sickest Drama of The Council, a four-member collective that recently released its album, Nothing Else Matters. The event’s trio of performers will be completed by Bebble Rock Records’ Koro Fyah, who is still promoting his 2016 debut EP, Rough Diamond.

Admission is $500 and showtime is 8PM.

The Apollo Series is being presented by A.C.T.I.O.N. Jamaica and is sponsored by the Main Event Entertainment Group and Marketing Plus Communications.

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Nothing Else Matters

Yes! Nothing Else Matters Limited Edition CDs are now shipping worldwide! The album comes in a black eco-wallet with artwork by Jomé Anderson and Warren Buckle, and photography by Yannick Reid.

Orders are taken on Bandcamp and are sent (from New York) within 5 business days. Customers in Jamaica, however, may contact me to purchase a copy.

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Five Steez at Cosmic Rotation

I will be live on stage on Saturday, November 25 at Cosmic Rotation at The Haven, 12 Hilcrest Avenue. Naomi Cowan, Ranoy Gordon, Tara Harrison and, of course, Skygrass, will also be performing. Admission is $1,000 presold / $1,200 at the gate. Come out and have a good tme!

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Night Streets: the Documentary

Tony Polanco basically visited Jamaica with his family, came to Kingston and met up with me one Sunday evening at Gambling House Recording Studio, where I was with The Council. I took him around New Kingston a bit, mostly along Knutsford Boulevard and its environs, and we got some footage at the same time... the end result being the Night Streets music video and this interview - Night Streets: the Documentary. Walk with me as I talk about how I got the name Five Steez, how I got into Hip Hop and what the local Hip Hop scene is bringing to the table.

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Five Steez commemorates ‘These Kingston Times’ 3-year anniversary with ‘Night Streets’ visual

On the three-year anniversary of his 2014 EP These Kingston Times, Five Steez has released a new visual for one of its songs, Night Streets, in which he is moving around his stomping grounds.

The video was shot by Tony Polanco on his recent visit to Jamaica as Five Steez took him around the business district of New Kingston.

With one verse over some smooth jazz flipped by Truck Julius, Five Steez represents Kingston proudly, stating, “I’m here to put my city on the map with the rap / fine art, detailed like a graph with the stats”.

Night Streets is the seventh cut on the 8-track These Kingston Times, listed by World Hip Hop Market as one of 2014’s best international Hip Hop releases.

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Nothing Else Matters but The Council

Kingston MC super group releases stellar album

Straight out of Kingston, Jamaica, comes an epic body of work from a group of lyricists who have upheld the essence of Hip Hop in their city for many years. The Council, formed in 2015 by long-time collaborators Inztinkz, Five Steez, Nomad Carlos and The Sickest Drama, has finally released the 16-track album Nothing Else Matters, exclusively on Bandcamp (

Nothing Else Matters, produced and mixed by Inztinkz, with art direction by Jomé Anderson and Warren Buckle, features hard-hitting, neck-snapping drums and majestic instrumentation, matched by superb rapping, articulating an unheard ‘third world’ perspective, but a narrative similar to other cities globally.

The album opens with the awe-inspiring Intro by poet, Simon the Writer, who urges that respect be paid to The Council. The project starts strong with the group’s first banger from 2015, Council Arts, followed by Lost in the Constellation, which has an introspective and reflective mood. On The Final Countdown, The Council shows what a New Year celebration with them is like – ‘yard style’.

Being already referred to as the premier Hip Hop group and brand in Kingston, a close counterpart gives praise to The Council, but also a warning, over a musical backdrop fit for ‘The Godfather’, on Spado’s Words. Track six, All Eye See, depicts a grim outlook, taking a turn for the worse on Seven O’Clock News, which delves into Jamaica’s bloody history, cementing the connection with its current reality.

The Council welcomes its first featured artist, Triple TR8, on the highly conceptual Time. Following that, Beast appears on One-der Years – a journey into the past, recalling experiences of growing up in the 1990s. Local Reggae artist, Kozmik Consciousnez, then checks in with the crew on an interlude named in his honour. Illicit King joins in after for Riding Around, where they have fun on the town.

The ladies are not left out on Nothing Else Matters, as the crew playfully boasts on the dancehall-influenced Gyallis Ting. The highest level of verbal mastery may possibly be displayed on track 13, Pros N Cons. On Valhalla Doctrine, Tha God Fahim sits at the table and fits in perfectly with The Council. And on Promised Land, which features singer, J Militia, The Council members present the dichotomy of life in Jamaica – it being a perilous place, yet still a paradise.

The album closes with the group’s fifth single, Misery, featuring Koro Fyah, Massy the Creator and Kabaka Pyramid, Hip Hop-flavoured Reggae artists with whom The Council has collaborated for years.

Nothing Else Matters goes only a few minutes past the one-hour mark. The project showcases a variety of sounds and topics, tied in sonically and thematically, with a Jamaican perspective being the common thread. An album with such depth and diversity is rare in Hip Hop today, and is ground-breaking coming from Kingston. With this effort, The Council has proven its place in the upper echelon of MCs and has represented its city in a new and creative way.

Nothing Else Matters hits other digital outlets such as iTunes, Spotify etc on Friday, October 27, and CDs will become available on Friday, November 24, via

The Council is Kingston, Jamaica’s champion team for the Hip Hop culture, consistently releasing music as solo artists over the past decade and staging events in their city.

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The Council enlists Reggae’s new stars for latest single

Album release scheduled for September 29

Kingston, Jamaica’s MC supergroup, The Council, has enlisted Reggae’s recent stars for its newly available fifth and final single from its album, Nothing Else Matters, scheduled for release on September 29. The new song, titled Misery, features longtime collaborators Koro Fyah, Kabaka Pyramid and Massy the Creator who join the crew for an epic, authentic fusion of boom bap Hip Hop and roots Reggae, laced with social commentary and messages of reparation and repatriation.

Misery – produced by Inztinkz, like all other tracks on The Council’s album – features poignant and potent verses from Massy the Creator, The Sickest Drama, Kabaka Pyramid and Five Steez, with Koro Fyah delivering the hook, lambasting the system.

“This song is just another realm of what we have to offer on Nothing Else Matters, thematically and sonically,” says Inztinkz. “Compared to our last single, this is like a flipside.”

Starting with Council Arts in September 2015, The Council released a series of singles including The Final Countdown, Valhalla Doctrine (featuring Tha God Fahim), and the most recent one, Promised Land (featuring J Militia), in March of this year.

Nothing Else Matters will be finally released exclusively via Bandcamp on Friday, September 29, and will be rolled out across other digital outlets and in physical form during the following months.

The Council, which comprises Inztinkz, The Sickest Drama, Nomad Carlos and Five Steez, is Kingston’s champion team for the Hip Hop culture, maintaining a consistent presence in the city’s underground scene for over a decade as solo acts and organizers of Hip Hop events.

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Global Love Warming Episode 7

Thanks to René John-Sandy of the Hip Hop Loves Foundation for having me on the Global Love Warming podcast! We actually recorded this in April and we spoke for a good while about my start in Hip Hop, the local scene in Jamaica, my influences and my upcoming projects. Have a listen!

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