'Gods Collide' as Five Steez releases new EP

'Gods Collide' as Five Steez releases new EP

After releasing a single every two weeks since July, Kingston, Jamaica-based indie Hip Hop artist Five Steez has unleashed Gods Collide, the final track from HeatRockz, his new five-track EP with producer, Mordecai. The song features Steez alongside long-time collaborators Sosa and Nomad Carlos doing what they do best over a quirky but gritty instrumental.

In the song’s chorus, Five Steez says, “When you see the gods collide, we on a mission”, signifying a purpose behind the collaboration. He explains, “The three of us started out together in a five-member group over a decade ago in high school. Being the ones still doing music, and with Sosa and Carlos based in New York and me based out here, this was sort of a reunion and renewed merger of forces.”

With the release of this song, HeatRockz is now fully available for free download at http://bit.ly/HeatRockz. The EP is Five Steez’s most aggressive project to date and features ‘true school’ boom-bap Hip Hop bangers to keep heads nodding. “This is my first project without that much of a theme,” the rapper says. “It’s really me having fun, flexing my skill and making high-energy music ideal to play in the car or hear me perform at a show.”

Previous Five Steez projects include his three-part Momentum mixtape series with DJ Ready Cee, his 2012 debut album, War for Peace, and his 2014 EP, These Kingston Times.

Last modified on Tuesday, 30 August 2016 05:07