Five Steez throws another 'HeatRock'

Five Steez throws another 'HeatRock'

Independent Hip Hop artist Five Steez has released his third song in a month – Mic to the Check – from his new EP, HeatRockz. With his signature wit and a catchy hook, he fits in pocket on the uptempo instrumental produced by Mordecai.

When the drums drop, Five Steez announces his arrival and demonstrates his gift of gab. “It’s Five in the flesh / coming live and direct,” he rhymes in the chorus, later commanding, “hands in the air from the right to the left”.

In the second verse, Five Steez addresses “rappers spitting foolishness” and boasts, “Don’t ask about my catalogue, Google it”.

Mic to the Check is the third cut on HeatRockz, following Dirty Couch and Encore, which were previously released. “Mic to the Check was actually the first song I recorded for this EP,” says Five Steez. “So, although it’s lighter than the others, in a way, it set the tone for the rest of the tracks.”

HeatRockz, which is entirely produced by Mordecai, is said to be Five Steez’s most aggressive project to date. It will be fully available on Tuesday, August 30 at

Previous Five Steez projects include his 2012 debut album, War for Peace – which received great reviews from various outlets, including digital store, iTunes – and his 2014 EP, These Kingston Times, listed by World Hip Hop Market as one of the year’s best international Hip Hop releases.

Last modified on Tuesday, 02 August 2016 05:34