Five Steez unleashes first release from new EP #HeatRockz

Independent Hip Hop artist Five Steez has unleashed Dirty Couch, the first release from his upcoming EP, HeatRockz. The song – available for free download and streaming – features him taunting inferior rappers over a dusty-sounding “bona fide headnodder”, crafted by Mordecai.

Listeners are immediately transported to a dark hallway, filled with hardcore Hip Hop aficionados, where anything that does not represent the essence of the craft is disregarded and disrespected. In the chorus, Five Steez warns, "Mess around, get fricasseed, sautéed."

The young MC takes aim at those diluting the genre, stating, "Your music way too soft, I need the rugged sound”. In the end, he throws his supposed nemesis off the stage, asking, “Who the king?”

This first release, Dirty Couch, is also the opening cut on HeatRockz. “This was the grimiest track of them all and it felt like the right way to set the tone,” says Five Steez, who describes the EP, produced by Mordecai, as his most aggressive project. HeatRockz will be fully available on August 30 at

Five Steez, in June, released Momentum Vol.3, the finale to his mixtape trilogy with DJ Ready Cee. His other projects include his 2012 debut album, War for Peace – which received great reviews from various outlets, including digital store, iTunes – and his 2014 EP, These Kingston Times, listed by World Hip Hop Market as one of the year’s best international Hip Hop releases.

Last modified on Friday, 15 July 2016 03:47