Five Steez & Son Raw reconnect on new album Re:DEFined

Five Steez & Son Raw reconnect on new album Re:DEFined

Kingston-based Hip Hop artist Five Steez and Montreal-based producer Son Raw join forces on the explosive new album Re:DEFined, in a collaboration combining trenchant observations of artistic life in Kingston with a global sound palate refracted through crunchy, hard-hitting beats.

Backed by a diverse set of rhythms, sounds and subjects, Re:DEFined is a journey both inward and outwards, from reflective, orchestral missives (Diamond Gem) to soulful observations of everyday life (Juggle, Simple Man) to nocturnal bangers (The General, New Kingston). Re:DEFined creates a space for nuance and experimentation, while still delivering bass-heavy beats and heartfelt rhymes.

“We're in a new era from when I started releasing music over a decade ago,” says Five Steez. “In many ways, I am becoming a new person and artist. I have redefined and am still redefining myself.”

Re:DEFined is the second time Five Steez has connected with Son Raw, the first being in 2021 on The Council of The Gods' Trilogy album, on which Son Raw handled some of the production.

“Developing a rapport with Five Steez has been incredibly rewarding,” notes Son Raw. “I aimed to hone in on a sound that was unmistakably tied to Hip Hop’s roots, while also reaching for rhythms and sounds highlighting its international reach and continuing potential.”

Five Steez and Son Raw are now eager to connect with their audience to showcase their growth and their commitment to delivering an authentic and unforgettable musical experience.

Last modified on Tuesday, 25 July 2023 02:35