Five Steez & Son Raw explore the daily life of being a Simple Man

Five Steez & Son Raw explore the daily life of being a Simple Man

Kingston, Jamaica’s Five Steez and Montreal-based Son Raw have released another single titled Simple Man from their forthcoming album Re:DEFined. The breezy, laid-back roller pivots from the moody ambiance of the previously released New Kingston, as Five Steez meditates on the daily joys and challenges of life.

From reminiscing on his days playing sports to the consequences of burned bridges and the challenges of self-improvement, Five Steez’s heartfelt lyrics encapsulate the ups and downs of personal growth as an artist, all from a unique Kingstonian perspective.

Complementing Five Steez's delivery, Son Raw constructs a classic beat full of warm horns and resonant pianos, incorporating muted drums and washes of feedback to complete the song’s hazy, whistful tone.

“I have a love affair with horns and anything jazzy, in general,” says Five Steez. “When I got this beat from Son Raw, it felt like the perfect backdrop for me to just express my self freely, so that's what I did.”

Speaking to the track’s creation, Son Raw notes: “Flipping through records, as soon as I discovered the sample, all I could imagine was a hot summer day in the city, so it’s only fitting that the final track arrived just as the hot weather started peaking. I love that Steez was able to not only mirror that energy with his lyrics, but also come with the life lessons and reflections that give Simple Man so much depth.”

Simple Man is the latest offering from the duo’s upcoming album Re:DEFined. Five Steez and Son Raw aim to challenge the boundaries of contemporary Hip Hop, fusing sounds from around the world and deeply personal lyrics into an innovative album that captures a classic 90s sound while pushing the art form forward.

Re:DEFined is scheduled for release on Bandcamp on Tuesday, July 11 and on all streaming platforms on Tuesday, July 25.

Last modified on Tuesday, 27 June 2023 05:01