Michie Mee & Five Steez to celebrate birthdays at Scorpio Bash

Michie Mee & Five Steez to celebrate birthdays at Scorpio Bash

Legendary Canadian Hip Hop artist Michie Mee is staging her annual Scorpio Bash for the first time in Kingston, Jamaica at Dub Gardens, Itopia Life, 10A West King’s House Road on Saturday, November 9. The event, beginning at 6 p.m., will be held to celebrate her birthday, as well as that of Jamaican Hip Hop artist Five Steez, and all other scorpios.

Numerous Hip Hop artists, from both Canada and Jamaica, are slated to perform on the night. From the Canadian contingent are Tonya P, Xentury, Lord Fury, Korexion, Nana and Michie Mee herself. Representing Jamaica will be Inztinkz, The Sickest Drama, Dizzy the Ill One, Iyah Gift and, of course, Five Steez. The event, which will be co-hosted by special guest, Quizz, will feature music by DJ Elmo, Inztinkz and DJ J Niiice of IHeartRadio in Canada.

“I always stage the Scorpio Bash in Toronto each year,” says Michie Mee. “This year, I wanted to take the party home, bring my Canadian friends to Jamaica and have all my Jamaican friends join in on the festivities.”

Five Steez says, “Michie and I been in touch since 2010 when we first met through the Manifesto movement, which is active in both Jamaica and Toronto. I’m happy we can now collaborate, bring our people together and have a major celebration.”

The cost for admission is $500.

Scorpio Bash is sponsored by Generation Hip Hop, the Jamaica Music Conference, Northside Hip Hop and Itopia Life.

Michie Mee is a Jamaica-born artist regarded as one of Hip Hop’s early notable female rappers and a national Hip Hop pioneer in Canada, after becoming the first Hip Hop artist from the country to sign a deal with an American major record label. Five Steez, on the other hand, is a Kingston-based underground Hip Hop act, who has performed at international festivals and staged multiple local events.

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