Five Steez & Mordecai put in 'Work'

Five Steez & Mordecai put in ‘Work’

Kingston, Jamaica’s emcee-producer duo Five Steez & Mordecai are putting all doubters to shame with a new single titled Work, the second offering from their upcoming album, Love N Art.

Over hypnotic piano keys and a military style drum pattern cooked up by Mordecai, Five Steez addresses contemporaries and critics seeking to discredit him. He goes on expressing his belief in self and love for music, then returns to his verbal onslaught against his detractors who remain nameless.

The song’s chorus takes on the form of a chant: “I work, what about you? / You complain all day, not a damn thing you do / We could never par, you not in my crew / You talk too much so I know you not true.”

Five Steez says everyone that has heard Work has had immediate questions. “People ask who upset me. Some ask if it’s a diss song,” he explains while laughing. “But like Jay Z once said, ‘It’s not a diss song, it’s just a real song.’” According to the artist, the track is not directed at anyone in particular, but it is inspired by various interactions and addresses them all.

Mordecai, who is behind all the music on the upcoming album, says, “This is one of the anthems on the project, and although it is more about Steez’ journey, this song will motivate anyone that’s putting in their work in whatever field.”

Work follows True Original, released in September as the first single from Love N Art, which is scheduled for early 2019. The album is the second body of work from Five Steez and Mordecai since the 2016 EP, HeatRockz. Steez calls it his most honest and personal project. “It is also soulful and full of jazz,” he says. “We zoned in on a specific vibe we knew people would relate to and be moved by.”

Since 2010, Five Steez has released many mixtapes, albums and EPs, including the three-volume Momentum mixtape series with DJ Ready Cee, 2012’s War for Peace, 2014’s These Kingston Times and 2016’s HeatRockz. In 2017, he featured heavily on the album Nothing Else Matters as part of the four-member Kingston and New York-based collective, The Council, which also comprises Nomad Carlos, The Sickest Drama and Inztinkz.

Last modified on Tuesday, 23 October 2018 05:20