Pay Attention presents Made You Look - March 31

People look to new event series for Hip Hop

A Hip Hop event in Jamaica is a rare occurrence, and chances are if you have ever been to or heard of one, it would be Pay Attention, Jamaica’s premier Hip Hop event from 2012 to 2015. The team behind Pay Attention is now presenting Made You Look, a new Hip Hop party series, set to begin on Saturday, March 31 at Stone’s Throw Bar, 1B Mannings Hill Road.

Made You Look will feature Hip Hop and R&B music, including selections from the local scene, played by Inztinkz, Gilly LvLz & DJ Elmo. The night will also be topped off by a live cypher featuring Inztinkz, Five Steez and The Sickest Drama – three-fourths of the Hip Hop collective, The Council, which also runs the Pay Attention movement.

This will be the second staging of Made You Look since a ‘pilot’ was held in May 2017. “The local scene has been missing this flavour for some time now,” says Five Steez. “We had an impact with Pay Attention and we want to do the same again. We want to provide people with a space to enjoy some quality Hip Hop music all night and we intend to make it a regular thing.”

Inztinkz, who also serves as resident DJ for Made You Look, says, “Patrons can expect to hear everything from old school Hip Hop, straight through the golden eras to the new school, both mainstream and underground.”

The night’s cypher is also bound to be entertaining. The Council is fresh off the 2017 release of its album, Nothing Else Matters, and its new music video, Council Arts. “We’re going to give them lyrics as usual,” says The Sickest Drama. “It won’t be a regular performance, however. We’re going to keep it spontaneous so you never know what may happen.”

Admission to Made You Look is $500 and ladies enter two-for-one.

Last modified on Saturday, 03 March 2018 16:40