Five Steez & Son Raw release music video for The General

Kingston emcee Five Steez and Montreal producer Son Raw are back! Following the release of their new album Re:DEFined, the duo is proud to present the visual for The General. Shot by David Henriques in Downtown Kingston, the video features Steez tearing through blistering verses putting the competition on notice over a classic soul loop flipped by Son Raw, with martial drums and an array of dub effects.

The duo's album Re:DEFined is available for streaming on all platforms and for sale, including on CD, at Bandcamp where it was listed in Best Hip Hop on Bandcamp: July 2023.


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Five Steez & Son Raw reconnect on new album Re:DEFined

Kingston-based Hip Hop artist Five Steez and Montreal-based producer Son Raw join forces on the explosive new album Re:DEFined, in a collaboration combining trenchant observations of artistic life in Kingston with a global sound palate refracted through crunchy, hard-hitting beats.

Backed by a diverse set of rhythms, sounds and subjects, Re:DEFined is a journey both inward and outwards, from reflective, orchestral missives (Diamond Gem) to soulful observations of everyday life (Juggle, Simple Man) to nocturnal bangers (The General, New Kingston). Re:DEFined creates a space for nuance and experimentation, while still delivering bass-heavy beats and heartfelt rhymes.

“We're in a new era from when I started releasing music over a decade ago,” says Five Steez. “In many ways, I am becoming a new person and artist. I have redefined and am still redefining myself.”

Re:DEFined is the second time Five Steez has connected with Son Raw, the first being in 2021 on The Council of The Gods' Trilogy album, on which Son Raw handled some of the production.

“Developing a rapport with Five Steez has been incredibly rewarding,” notes Son Raw. “I aimed to hone in on a sound that was unmistakably tied to Hip Hop’s roots, while also reaching for rhythms and sounds highlighting its international reach and continuing potential.”

Five Steez and Son Raw are now eager to connect with their audience to showcase their growth and their commitment to delivering an authentic and unforgettable musical experience.

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Five Steez & Son Raw explore the daily life of being a Simple Man

Kingston, Jamaica’s Five Steez and Montreal-based Son Raw have released another single titled Simple Man from their forthcoming album Re:DEFined. The breezy, laid-back roller pivots from the moody ambiance of the previously released New Kingston, as Five Steez meditates on the daily joys and challenges of life.

From reminiscing on his days playing sports to the consequences of burned bridges and the challenges of self-improvement, Five Steez’s heartfelt lyrics encapsulate the ups and downs of personal growth as an artist, all from a unique Kingstonian perspective.

Complementing Five Steez's delivery, Son Raw constructs a classic beat full of warm horns and resonant pianos, incorporating muted drums and washes of feedback to complete the song’s hazy, whistful tone.

“I have a love affair with horns and anything jazzy, in general,” says Five Steez. “When I got this beat from Son Raw, it felt like the perfect backdrop for me to just express my self freely, so that's what I did.”

Speaking to the track’s creation, Son Raw notes: “Flipping through records, as soon as I discovered the sample, all I could imagine was a hot summer day in the city, so it’s only fitting that the final track arrived just as the hot weather started peaking. I love that Steez was able to not only mirror that energy with his lyrics, but also come with the life lessons and reflections that give Simple Man so much depth.”

Simple Man is the latest offering from the duo’s upcoming album Re:DEFined. Five Steez and Son Raw aim to challenge the boundaries of contemporary Hip Hop, fusing sounds from around the world and deeply personal lyrics into an innovative album that captures a classic 90s sound while pushing the art form forward.

Re:DEFined is scheduled for release on Bandcamp on Tuesday, July 11 and on all streaming platforms on Tuesday, July 25.

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Five Steez & Son Raw take listeners on a journey through New Kingston

Jamaican Hip Hop artist Five Steez and Canadian producer Son Raw are thrilled to announce the release of their new single New Kingston from their forthcoming album Re:DEFined. This exciting song, which features the futuristic Reggae Funk singer Annajé, immerses listeners in the vibrant streets of the city Five Steez calls home as he expertly weaves a tapestry of local references, painting a vivid picture of urban life in Jamaica.

From his preferred rolling paper to the Yeng Yeng motorbikes roaring through the city, Five Steez captures the essence of his surroundings on this track which showcases the extraordinary synergy between his lyricism and Son Raw's trunk rattling production.

Complementing Five Steez's storytelling and Annajé's captivating vocals, Son Raw constructs a bittersweet riddim that blends hard-hitting drums with mournful chords. The production serves as the perfect atmospheric backdrop for Steez's lyrics.

“My aim with New Kingston was to bring across the culture and slang in a way that would introduce outsiders to life in Kingston, and, of course, give a representation that we as Jamaicans don't get to hear in Hip Hop like this,” says Five Steez. “I named the track New Kingston too, not specifically in reference to the business district of New Kingston, but because I feel we're living in a 'new Kingston'. It's 2023 and life here is different from what it used to be.”

New Kingston offers a tantalizing glimpse into the duo’s upcoming album Re:DEFined. Five Steez and Son Raw aim to challenge the boundaries of contemporary Hip Hop, fusing sounds from around the world and deeply personal lyrics into an innovative album that captures a classic 90s sound while pushing the art form forward.

Son Raw says, “I have always had a deep appreciation for all the genres of music that have come from Jamaica and stemmed from the country's influence. So, I'm proud to be behind a song with local artists that captures the modern culture and life.”

With yet another single set to follow after New Kingston, Re:DEFined is scheduled for release on Bandcamp on Tuesday, July 11 and on all streaming platforms on Tuesday, July 25.  

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Es-K & Type.Raw ft Five Steez & Kid Abstrakt - God Bless

I finally have some music out on vinyl! It's been a long time coming too. Thanks to Es-K & Type.Raw of Loop.holes for including me on this new track called God Bless featuring Kid Abstrakt. It's out now on Es-K & Type.Raw's Raw Essentials (Deluxe Edition), which is available on all streaming platforms and exclusively on vinyl at There are 300 limited edition copies so cop yours quick! Click here to listen on the platform of your choice


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Check me out at the Kingston Creative Networking Meet Up on Friday, February 24 at F&B Downtown, as we get into Niche Music Genres in Jamaica. Other featured acts include Equiknoxx and Annajé. The event will also feature a discuss titled Reggae Means Business. Register at

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Five Steez & Son Raw release new single The General

Ahead of their forthcoming collaborative album, Re:DEFined (dropping 2023), Kingston emcee Five Steez and Montreal producer Son Raw fire off a warning shot with The General, four minutes of blistering bars and uncompromising beats, putting the competition on notice. Building on the momentum of Steez’s stunning, meditative Quietude album with Brazilian producer SonoTWS and his contributions to The Council Of The Gods’ Trilogy (released on Equiknoxx Music), The General is a showdown at high noon in audio form, and a single that’s sure to have playlists and mix shows bumping from Kingston to Canada. Son Raw, meanwhile, is fresh off of opening for noted underground emcee billy woods and interviewing Westside Gunn for The Fader, with The General marking his second lead single with a Council Of The Gods member, after At Will, with Nomad Carlos.

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Sim Simma Radio - Jamaican Hip Hop Special w/ Five Steez

I had a great chat with Jr Spesh the other day about Hip Hop in Jamaica and the underground music scenes here in the island. Parts of our discussion made it into this episode of his show, Sim Simma Radio. This Jamaican Hip Hop Special has two halves. The first half features Dancehall/Reggae and Hip Hop songs that highlight the connection between the cultures while the second half features my segment, which comprises clips from our interview as well as music from myself, The Council and other artists such as Equiknoxx.

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Five Steez & Inztinkz on The Aftersun on Newstalk 93 FM

It really is always a pleasure to be on The Aftersun on Newstalk 93 FM. DJ Elmo just brought back the show and had myself and Inztinkz as guests. We've appeared on the show in the past, but this was the first in years. We spoke about our upcoming event The Jump Off, what we've been up to recently, Jamaican Hip Hop and the genre in general. We were on air for close to half an hour so take some time and catch up!

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The Jump Off - Saturday, June 4

Yes! We're Jumping Off again on Saturday, June 4, at Di Bar on Haining Road in New Kingston! We have Ear Supply Chain (formerly known as DJ Sawandi) and BoomDraw playing music at this staging! You know the usual vibes... Hip Hop and R&B all night. No admission! Come through and have fun!

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